About Us

Welcome to Third Street Social, where every visit is an experience and every meal is a celebration. We’re part of a vibrant family of diverse dining concepts united by a passion for excellent food and genuine hospitality. Whether you're in the mood for a casual evening out, a fine dining experience, or something uniquely different, our restaurant group has something for you.

Explore Our Sister Concepts:

Summit Grill

With three locations across the city, Summit Grill offers a warm, welcoming atmosphere perfect for any occasion. From comfort food classics to innovative new dishes, our menu is designed to offer something for everyone. Whether you're joining us for a leisurely brunch, a family dinner, or a special celebration, you're in for a treat.

Bōru Asian Eatery

Dive into the bold flavors of Asia at Bōru Asian Eatery. Our chefs specialize in crafting authentic dishes that blend traditional techniques with modern twists. From sushi to ramen and everything in between, Bōru is your destination for a culinary adventure.

South of Summit

For those who crave the vibrant flavors of authentic Mexican cuisine, South of Summit offers an unforgettable dining experience. Our dishes are crafted with the freshest ingredients and serve up a taste of Mexico's rich culinary heritage. Come for the tacos, stay for the tequila.

Pearl Tavern

Seafood lovers rejoice at Pearl Tavern, where we bring the bounty of the sea to your table. We fly in fresh seafood daily to ensure the highest quality and taste. Indulge in everything from oysters and scallops to whole fish preparations, all served in a sophisticated setting.



At Third Street Social and across all our sister concepts, we are committed to providing a diverse range of culinary experiences that cater to all tastes and occasions. We pride ourselves on our high standards, our passion for food, and our dedication to service. Join us at any of our locations for a taste of what makes the Summit Restaurant Group a beloved part of this community.

Thank you for choosing to dine with us. We look forward to hosting you soon and often, no matter which of our restaurants you choose to explore next!